Bachmann Railways BR MK2 FK Corridor 1st Maroon (E 13373) 39-332



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Offering for sale a brand new and boxed example of a Bachmann Branch-Line Model Railways BR MK2 FK Corridor 1st Maroon running number E 13373 model reference number 39-332.

The Mark 2 has a semi-integral construction, giving it more strength than a Mark 1 in the event of an accident. Although a key driver of the changed construction method was to overcome the serious corrosion problem point in the Mark 1 at the base of the body, where it was attached to the under frame.

Other changes of design, such as the window units, were for the same reason, which had become a serious problem in Mark 1 vehicle maintenance costs. Revised painting methods were also part of this, which coincided with the change of livery from maroon (dark green on the Southern) to the blue and grey that Mark 2 coaches wore for much of their lives.

The Mark 2 coach was one of the mainstays of the InterCity network, but new rolling stock introduced in the post-privatisation era has resulted in most being withdrawn. Since their withdrawal from most main line duties, Mark 2 coaches have played an increasing role on private rail tours, charter trains, and on heritage railways. Since 1996, over 140 Mark 2 carriages have been exported to New Zealand, where they are still in mainline service (as of 2013)


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