Dapol Streamlined GWR Diesel Railcar No. 11 model 4D-011-000


DAPOL RAILCAR ENGINE NEW (ex-shop stock in faultless cosmetic condition / working order throughout)

BOX & PACKAGING AS NEW (possibility of superficial surface rubbing to outer sleeve through storage and handling complete with un-opened accessories and paperwork)

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An ex-shop stock originally supplied direct from manufacturers. This streamlined Diesel Railcar in Lined Chocolate & Cream GWR Monogram was especially developed by “Dapol Model Railways” as part of their LATEST 21 PIN DCC series. Diesel Railcar running No. W14 is being offered in EX SHOP CONDITION complete in every respect!

The GWR built 38 Railcars between 1933 and 1942. The earliest batch of railcars proved very popular with passengers, and so later batches were fitted with standard buffers and drawgear. Number 22 was built in 1940. Accommodation is provided for passengers in two open saloons with a total of 48 seats, and there are driving cabs at each end. It is powered by two AEC 9.6 litre, direct injection 6 cylinder engines through a Wilson epicyclic gearbox.

The Railcar entered service from Newport shed on 18 September 1940. She was allocated to a number of different sheds, including Reading, and during her later days she worked around the Worcester area and frequently ventured onto the Severn Valley line. She was withdrawn from service in 1962 and stored at Swindon.


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