Hornby Railways Network Rail HST 125 BO BO Diesel Class 43 R3366



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Offering a superb NEW 00 gauge locomotive especially developed by “Hornby Model Railways” as part of their latest DCC Ready Series. This locomotive set is the Network Rail  “NEW MEASUREMENT TRAIN” HST 125 Class 43 Power Car 34062 & un-motorised Power Car 43064. Complete, UN-OPENED which includes usual packaging instruction sheet accessories and picture sleeve!

The British Rail Class 43 (HST) is the TOPS classification for the InterCity 125 (Formerly Class 253 and Class 254) powercars, built by BREL (British Rail Engineering Limited) at their Crewe Works from 1975-1982. 197 powercars were produced in total.

The Class 43 powercars and their MK 3 coaches (together forming Intercity 125/HST sets) were introduced as a stop-gap measure until electrification of the East Coast and West Coast Main Lines was completed and the APT (Advanced Passenger Train) introduced. However, with the cancellation of the APT, due to an embarrassing failure of the tilting system with members of the British press onboard, the Class 43 power cars became the jewel in the British Rail Crown.


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