Hornby Railways 4-6-0 Class B1 BR Late Crest 61267 DCC READY R3114/A



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Affording the descerning collector a brand new Hornby Model Railways 4-6-0 B1 Class 5MT. This locomotive is produced in BR Black livery with Late Crest number 61267! This locomotive was introduced by Hornby as part of their highly detailed DCC ready range of locomotives.

The London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) Thompson Class B1 is a class of steam locomotive designed for medium mixed traffic work. It was designed by Edward Thompson.

It was the LNER’s equivalent to the highly successful GWR Hall Class and the LMS Stanier Black Five, two-cylinder mixed traffic 4-6-0s. However, it had the additional requirement of having to be cheap because, due to wartime and post-war economies.

The LNER, never the richest railway company, had to make savings. Introduced in 1942, the first example, No. 8301, was named Springbok in honour of a visit by Jan Smuts. The first 40 of the class were named after breeds of antelopes and the like, and they became known as bongos after 8306 Bongo. 274 were built by the LNER.


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