Wrenn 4-6-0 Castle Class named “Bristol Castle” BR Green Livery Locomotive W2221A



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Offering another Wrenn locomotive which has withstood the test of time. This model reference W2221A is the 4-6-0 Caste Class Locomotive named “Bristol Castle” The Castle Class is probably the most popular of all Wrenn locomotives. Production in Basildon Essex commenced in 1971 (Period One) with other examples being made throughout the remaining periods leading up to the factory’s’ closure in 1992 (Period Four).

This later British Rail example in Green livery running number 7013 commenced production in 1980 until 1982 (Period Three) and again from 1988 until 1989. This example comes with the much improved lining and it has been reported that only 350 were made. Due to the rarity and lack of numbers its difficult to source a fine example and many were extensively used.

This locomotive been lightly run, which is unusual for such a popular engine. The locomotive is in original condition, complete in every respect and includes period six outer box and original inner box correctly stamped in red with packer number 6. Also included is usual packaging, manual holding rings and tissue.


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