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Wrenn BR GREY 20T (EX L.M.S) Guards Van no.B950127 model reference W5090

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Offering for sale an alternative example of a Wrenn "BR" 4 Wheeled Guards Van model reference number W5090. This model was introduced by Wrenn in 1988 and production continued for a period of FOUR years until 1992. The van is finished in BR grey with white running number 32831.

It is reported that only 338 were every made during the four years of production. The item is BRAND NEW NEVER RUN. Probably the last to be made before the factory's closure! The Guards van comes complete with original period six box, inner white sleeve and packaging.

All freight trains used to have a Goods Brake / Guard Van at the rear in which the Guard rode. His duties varied according to the type and itinerary of the train. Many goods trains contained wagons without automatic (vacuum) brakes or a through brake pipe. The guard had to be familiar with the geography of the route and to be prepared to apply the handbrake on long descending gradients to assist the locomotive with braking; hence the need for such a heavy vehicle at the rear.