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Wrenn LMS Maroon no.8016 Class 8F Freight Locomotive model W2272

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Offering an alternative Wrenn Class 8F 2-8-0 Freight Locomotive. This locomotive in LMS Maroon running no.8016 is a highly sought after model seldom found least of all in PERFECT UNUSED RETAIL CONDITION!

This example was introduced by Wrenn between 1983-1992 Period Four, model reference W2272. This version is one of only 270 reported to have been made.

As all model railway enthusiast know, this is the "WORKHORSE" for freight operations on any layout. Hence why they are very seldom found NOT play worn and even rarer boxed unused. The locomotive is complete in every respect and includes original box, packaging, usual holding rings and tissue! The underneath has a factory date stamp Packer no.3 date 05320 confirm a build date of 1985.

The London Midland and Scottish Railway's 8F class 2-8-0 heavy freight locomotive is a class of steam locomotive designed for hauling heavy freight. 852 were built between 1935 and 1946 (not all to LMS order), as a freight version of William Stanier's successful Black Five, and the class saw extensive service overseas during and after the Second World War.

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